EDRP@SSTC password Problem resolved


These post basically for the student of SSTC, SSEC n SSITM  
Guys now a days many of u getting problem in to logging ur account of EDRP 

here is the solution for that -

every semester the password will be RESET to your library id that is your library card number , this is the main reason that showing password is wrong !!!!!

when u enter ur old password it will shows like that 

 next step is to enter your library id in both user id n password and the window open next to change your password 

 next is done just enter a different password and click on submit :)
now u can access ur account 

 it will ask u to log in again with the new password !!!!

click below to go to that page

<--click here

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    1. Thanxx i pleasure to help other ,
      share us if u like us :)
      stay tuned for the next stuff!!!

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    1. hey Ishan
      if the above method doesn't work , there is no other option to recover your account
      u need to contact Mr. Parag Palsokar for requesting a passoword
      @ paragp1@rediffmail.com